Ana Lucia Alves

aka Aradhana dd


Because of Movies and ‘Hollywood’ are beeing misused:  

Movies are a coveted tool of culture creation, because they penetrate deeply the subconscious mind.  

‘Hollywood’ is using movies to propagate collectivism over individualism, recipes over art, degradation over moral fidelity; this is not only short-sighted for Hollywood’, but dangerous for everyone.  

To thrive in such a climate, independent producers need to understand Hollywood’s monolithic structure, backroom agendas, secret associations, and most importantly, their creative accounting practices.  

Re-engaging disillusioned audiences and reconnecting producers, their financiers and artistic talent with the profits of their own work, requires that new voices, new content, and new distribution models be found and cultivated. 

Yoga Maya Films‘ and ‘Cine Tribe‘ is to be a leader in this ‘New Wave’ of movie production; promoting – through their movies and actions – uncompromising individualism, uncorrupt capitalist behavior and true liberal values. 

And remember that #HumansAreBeautiful and that “Beauty will save the world” said Dostoyevsky. 

Ana Lucia Alves left Brazil at 18 to travel the world as a top model. Some time later, following her true calling, she studied acting and produced documentaries and short films. She’s now running Yoga-Maya Entertainment and Cine Tribe.  

Ciné Tribe is a group of (early stage) projects aligned toward a single purpose: an entertainment industry based on independent voices, free from corporate cultural conditioning and geo-political agendas.  


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A more detailed bio below:

Ana Lucia studied architecture and computer engineering before entering the Fashion world and the Film industry. She was born in Brazil but lived most of her life in Europe. She became a sensation as the first Brazilian model to appear in the cover of an international magazine, spending then, many years as a super model working around the world at the top of her profession.

While modeling, she studied dramatic arts in Paris and LA, realized a few successful documentary films and became the mother of a boy. Ana Lucia is today an Actor/Producer/Documentarist/PodCastHost.

Charity: Ana Lucia was chosen to feature in the book ‘Confession to a Serial Womaniser: Secrets of the World’s Inspirational Women’​. For the occasion her painted portrait was exposed at the National Portrait Gallery in Trafalgar Square.

She produced/executive produced/featured in a number of documentaries as the award winning, ‘A Star Named Ayrton Senna’​. She also produced ‘Race is in my Blood’​, ‘O Samba’​, ‘Hold On Peon’​, ‘Skank’​ and ‘Blue Planet – The Great Barrier Reef and The Coral Sea’​. While shooting underwater scenes, she had exciting encounters with sharks and other amazing sea creatures.

Formula1 years: Ana Lucia traveled around the world’s F1 circuits, interviewing and photographing Ayrton Senna amongst other drivers, for the upcoming racing sports documentaries she was working on.

She has lately produced and acted in a few dramatic short films shot in London, such as ‘Losing Lola’​, ‘The End of All Things’​, ‘Release’​ and ‘Continuum’​. Amongst other projects now in development and pre-production, she is working on her passion project ‘Amazonia – Out of the Dark’​, a very anticipated documentary on the hopefully evitable crisis on the Amazonia Basin.

Ana Lucia lives between London, Paris and the Yocatan Peninsula; where she runs her film production company ‘Yoga Maya Entertainment , CINE TRIBE and its Film Festival; and the Vedic Times Org.

She is a polyglot: Portuguese, English, French, Italian and Spanish