Hari Krishna das

Hari Krishna Das was born in the Netherlands in 1953. He met his spiritual master, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami in 1971 and was initiated by him into the Vaishnava tradition. He spent many years in ashrams, travelled extensively to India to study the Vedic scriptures and to practice Bhakti Yoga, the essence of Vaishnavism. He regularly gives lectures in universities and educational institutions on the subject of Vedic philosophy, and on Vedic philosophy in relation to modern science and western philosophy.

He is self–taught in Indian and Western philosophy, as well as in the philosophy of science and economics. He recently published a book entitled “Intelligence or Chaos” in which he explains the impact of modern science on philosophy, culture and religion. Most importantly he argues that modern science has effectively come to the inescapable conclusion that the universe cannot have come into existence by chance or chaos, but must have originated in intelligence and consciousness.

The scientific principle of what today is called “Cosmic fine tuning” has established a new and definitive proof for the existence of God, a fact that is recognized even by atheists. While committed atheists are trying to bury this principle in exotic explanations, such as the multiverse hypothesis, theists as well as open minded thinkers have recognized this principle for what it is. The principle of Cosmic Fine Tuning indubitably requires the presence of an infinite intelligence to not only explain the Cosmic Order, but to explain the very possibility of the existence of the universe itself. This discovery therefore represents the definitive scientific rehabilitation of God.