Maria M. Anderson

Maria M. Anderson is a published author of both fiction and non-fiction, a university professor, and a businesswoman who has been in the writing, publishing, advertising, and education arena for the last thirty years.

Born and raised in New York City, Ms. Anderson now lives in the southern countryside, and balances her professional life with a passion for nature and animals. Many of her stories explore the bond between man and the natural world, as well as expose those entities that seek to create disharmony.

Ms. Anderson is often approached by budding writers from all walks of life who are seeking assistance with their own work and author aspirations. Such was Ms. Anderson’s inspiration for launching Little Shop of Writers,

Her site offers free writing videos, and an assortment of targeted workshops designed to help writers write better. Whether a neophyte wondering where to begin, an intermediate wishing to hone skills, an entrepreneur endeavoring to increase marketability, or an experienced scribe with a work in progress, writing is a learned craft, an attainable skill, that almost anyone with the desire to learn, can be taught to master.