Welcome to Your Caring Home in Vrindavan

The Vedic Care Holistic Clinic & Assisted Living

Where every soul is special!

For so long, our team members and supporters have dreamed
of a Vedic Care facility in Vrindavan.
Finally, we’re able to announce: Our Model Facility Is Here!

Our Caring Vision in Images Below

We’ll provide ‘donations based treatments’ while encouraging recurring monthly donations to help those in dire need. So, as we establish ourselves with Love & Trust in Vrindavan, we’ll be offering these further services:

  • ‘Assisted Living Care’ starting with five free beds.
  • Holistic clinic & natural treatments, and healing for those foreign devotees who can afford it, via our donations system.
  • Free Open Holistic Clinic for locals in need (as we’re able).
  • ‘Preventive Medicine’ education for all; with free and paid Seminars.
  • Intensive Courses on ‘Vedic Farming’, ’Hospice Care’, ‘End of Live Care’, ’Shradha Ceremony’ and the ‘Healing Arts’ for all devotees interested; free and donation based.
  • Daily Prasadham distribution (as we become able to do so).
Our beautiful building

Our first line of business is to carry out minor renovations
and repairs to prepare our new facility.

These ‘Start Up’ funds are needed to:
* Achieve certain refurbishments and upgrades to the building.
* Pay the staff in full (for the first two months) so no last minute volunteering issues occur.
* Maintain full building operations, offering ‘Assisted Living Care’ (two months) with five beds for devotees in need.

Total needed for our Vrindavan Holistic Clinic Start Up. We’ll be updating all donors via email.

Please note that this ‘Start Up’ amount is for the preparation of the building and two months minimum cost for the care of five devotees needing ‘Assisted Living’. We will grow from there as we’re able.

Below is a Video of the building today and the detailed budget of what is needed and where.

We’re happy to share our VCC-Vrindavan ‘Start Up Detailed Budget‘ upon request. A PDF version of our campaign also available here.
Furthermore, the monthly minimum required to offer five beds to devotees who cannot afford any care in ‘Assisted Living’ or ‘End of Life Care’ is $ 5,005.

As we accept more ’causes’ that cannot afford care, the rough estimate per additional cause, counting their medical supplies, consultations, paid care takers, registered nurse services and all meals, is INR 60000 (USD $872.07) monthly.


Consider ticking the ‘make this a monthly donation’ box, as the costs of care for those in need will be on-going, once our facility is open.

To be updated on our activities, please sign up for our Monthly Newsletter here.

We have the will, the skills and the support of many volunteers.
Now, with your involvement and blessings, we’ll soon be able
to serve many more in need.

To serve with us at our Vedic Care Vrindavan Model Facility, or donate for these much needed renovations and repairs, please Volunteer, Contact Us, or Donate.

Gurudas prabhu recording Srila Prabhupada in India

As this is the Vedic Care Model Facility, we’ll be encouraging, training, and supporting all kinds of devotees who wish to start their own Vedic Care Facility.

This facility is dedicated to the memory of Govindji Mulji prabhu.