Seeing past bodily designations

By Gurudas

All Glories to the Assembled Devotees!

Here is a glorification of all the devotees who have embarked on the path of Krishna consciousness.

Gurudas, garlanded on the left

My heart goes out to all devotees — you who have become tenderhearted by hearing ancient, transcendental sounds, and by accepting Sri Sri Radha Krishna’s benediction and effulgence.

We can be compassionate towards one another because we are on the same journey, we have the same goal — to become Krishna conscious.

Prabhupada has been our example, guide, inspiration, beacon, and forgiving father. He has left us instructions in his books. If Prabhupada can forgive us, we can also forgive each other’s mistakes and meanderings.

Lord Chaitanya welcomes everyone and sees past any bodily designations. I respect any devotee who has tried in even the smallest way to serve Prabhupada, Krishna, or another devotee. He or she is special — like the sparrow who drank drops of the ocean to rescue her lost eggs from the sea, or like the chipmunk who was tossing pebbles into the sea to help Lord Ramachandra build his bridge to Lanka. The effort itself is success.

I offer my well-wishes to anyone who gets up shivering before sunrise, and, still shivering, takes a cold shower. I offer my well-wishes to those who chant at least 25,000 names of the Lord each day, who consider all others prabhu, who are humble in their practices, who live simply and think of higher goals, and who overcome the tendency for judgmental thinking.

I offer my well-wishes to those who renounce material comforts and are more inspired by the sound of karatals, by the sight of pink lotus feet — to those who are struggling to overcome the unending, albeit temporary, attractions of material nature.

I offer my well-wishes to those who are eager to hear the nectar of divine pastimes and to serve humanity as brothers and sisters, for again, we are all on the same journey. Let us walk together.

Srila Prabhupada and Gurudas on a USA TV Show

Srila Prabhupada has attracted a fine, diverse, international group of people, and the network between us still continues. There are so many personal connections, all due to Prabhupada. If he hadn’t come here, we may never have met. He changed each and every life he touched. It is his wish for us to be friendly, to cooperate, and help each other in Krishna consciousness.

Devotees are rare, and we must encourage one another rather than criticize and turn others away from the delicate devotional path.

Prabhupada said someone who finds fault is like “a fly on sores,” while someone who sees good, who sees the soul within, is like “a honeybee (madhukara) going from flower to flower, transforming everything it touches into pure sweetness.”

Gurudas visiting Agnidev in Australia

Allowing someone to grow, as Prabhupada did for me, is better than faultfinding, which creates resentment and rebellion. Since we are a small family, divisive behavior is counterproductive. There are so few Vaishnavas. We must unite, because we have the same goal — love of Krishna.

Gurudas has served the community for over 50 years now. In the summer of 2015 he founded the Vedic Care Charitable Trust ~ An international members and volunteer supported organization, working to facilitate retirement homes and holistic clinics for spiritual seekers in need. The VCC also acts as a support mechanism for like minded souls working on their own care initiatives, possibly in isolation.

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