Where is the Love and Trust?

by Aradhana devi dasi

I recently watched the great black and white movie by Frank Capra, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ with James Stewart. Frank said that James Stewart’s appeal was that he was unusually usual; we can’t help but love him and the parts he plays.

In this particular movie, James plays an average guy with great aspirations. Unfortunately, he’s unable to achieve what he sets out to, but in the end, he achieves so much more, and is dearly loved and cared for by the community. It’s very inspiriting. Even God has a voice in the movie and is guiding events; such a rarity in movies today. It’s definitely one I’d recommend.

As a filmmaker, I keep up with what’s happening in the film business, and sadly what the industry has mostly been promoting over the last 30 to 40 years is atrocious. My husband (writer/director) and I (actor/producer) are set to make movies that will inspire again, that will empower and enlighten the masses, in the hopes of bringing them close to God; even if it only reminds them that God is something to actually be considered, it will be a success. We’ve created ~ what we hope will become ~ a great film studio, Yoga-Maya Entertainment.

But why do I ask about the Love and Trust?

‘Love and Trust’ is disappearing from our entire society, and not only from society at large, but even in our spiritual communities ‘Love and Trust’ is becoming very rare. In ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ this ‘Love and Trust’ is real and thrilling.

So what happened to humanity and it’s ‘Love and Trust’?

In my humble opinion, we’ve been bombarded and manipulated by leaders who’ve mostly been trained as lawyers, and whose business thrives by a lack of trust and increased conflict. This, in x trust, and in this way it permeates every culture and society, including the spiritual ones. People are stressed, tired, abused and constantly cheated and cannot therefore trust one another. Without trust, there is no love, and without love, there is no care.

Since the inception of the Vedic Care Charity (www.VedicCare.org) nearly two years ago, the Vaishnava community have been extremely skeptical and some even averse to our Devotee Care endeavor. A few well-wishers and trustees have asked: What is there to be skeptical about? We just want to assist, serve and care for devotees in need, and most importantly, we want to bring back the ‘Love and Trust’ in our hearts and society.

Sadly, and most unfortunately, the VCC is still being challenged today. Serving under these conditions is already hard, before adding the small amount of funds available to lend assistance to all the devotees we know are in need right now; really, it’s not even possible, were it not for the VCC team being full-time volunteers.

The VCC have not only been threatened with unfounded law suits, and been called scammers in online forums, but we’ve received ‘demands’ for open accountability with heavy undertones of accusation. As a charity we comply with all legal requirements, of course, but we’d so much prefer being approached in a more respectable manner; not charged as guilty before even starting.

I was expecting a more personal welcome; somehow, to be given the benefit of the doubt and treated in a caring, more forward thinking way. We never expected being talked to in an incriminatory and threatening way. It’s as if some are just waiting for a little mistake to bring the house down.

On the other hand, when ‘Love and Trust’ is the norm, with all our 1134 ‘likes’ (today) on ‘The Vedic Care’ Facebook page giving a little monthly (sadly not the case at this time), we’d be able to run our website and outreach teams so nicely, giving the reactive and urgent care needed now.

So, we’re left with a few questions still:

Where did the love, care and trust go? How can we relate to one another as spiritual seekers when there’s so much animosity? Have we forgotten that love and trust is actually what makes a community successful? Have we forgotten that love and care is the light that inspires us to truly help one another in times of difficulty?

The Vedic Care Charity will keep going, as we strive to serve Srila Prabhupada and his mission, trusting that we will actually create our VCC model facility; a place to welcome devotees in their later years who are unable to care for themselves. We already have a number of devotees lined up for our model facility in the USA, and we hope to accommodate so many more through the fulfillment of our other wonderful plans.

In closure, I must share our puzzlement, that in almost two years of full-time work, building and promoting the obvious, urgent and real need for care in our society, and that, with high hopes of bringing back the ‘Love and Trust’ the society once had, there have been few sincere inquiries as to the nature of our personal health, spiritual or material needs. Although this is heartbreaking news, we’ll continue, happily and with enthusiasm; confident that Srimati Radharani and Srila Prabhupada will bless us with success in our endevours to manifest this so needed service.

It’s a wonderful life, indeed.

2 thoughts on “Where is the Love and Trust?”

  1. My dear Aradhana devi dasi,

    PAMHO AGTSP. Thank you so much for your thoughtful letter to us. I live in Lansing, Michigan and have had a teaching center here for 10 years, trying, in my little way, to please Srila Prabhupada by my humble service. Presently, I’m serving as a speaker in the Detroit Interfaith Outreach Network (unfortunately without the blessings of the management of ISKCON Detroit, where I’ve been banned from speaking for about six years now….girl, could Srila Prabhupada’s lovely Devasadham Mandir use some good ole love and trust!!!)(And, as you so eloquently point out in your essay, all of ISKCON, too) For a few years now, I’ve been scheming and dreaming and even making some contacts here in L-Town, to create an organization called LION (oh wonderful whispers of our great roaring lion, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Prabhupada) Lansing Interfaith Outreach Network. I keep praying for empowerment to help make such a roaring, powerful, revolutionary and down right eternally fun Sanga, actually start to Laugh and Leap, here in the capitol city of Michigan. Let it be Lord Chaitanya I pray. Om Tat Sat. I have a degree in Social Work from Indiana University A.B. 1973. I have three years of teaching inmates writing and communications, in the Michigan Department of Corrections, 1995-7. I ran for Congress twice, here in the Michigan Eighth Congressional District, 2006 & 2011. Krsna has put our house, I call, Govinda’s on Foster, in the middle of gardens, where we try our best to grow food to offer to Jadurani’s original painting of Sri Pancha Tattva (a kind and talented devotee in Detroit, just kept Them for two years, while she restored the painting to 99.99999999% of its original brilliance, i estimate :>))) When our friends Apurva and Kamalini were here at GOF, Apurva said he felt a very good spiritual vibe!!! as he chanted japa in the room where Sri Pancha Tattva smile most mercifully upon all who might be blessed to gaze at Them. I enjoy imagining Srila Prabhupada personally guiding his spiritual daughter, while she painted such an illuminating masterpiece of, arguably, the five greatest lovers in all eternity? Dear Aradhana, please come and visit us in Lansing, at your earliest convenience. I would love to personally praise you for being so right on, spot on with VCC. I want to do everything Krsna and Prabhupada want me to do, to do my little part, to help grow the services of VCC to meet the needs of so many devotees worldwide. Hare Krsna

    your aspiring humble servant and friend,

    Antariksa das

  2. Hare Krsna Dera Antariksa das prabhu,

    Thank you so much for you kind words of appreciation and sharing some of your plans with us. We look forward to bringing back the Love and Care Srila Prabhupada so kindly gave us. I will very much like to visit one day, so thank you for the invitation and please to write us from the website so we can have your personal email.

    Your humble servant,
    Aradhana dd

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